S8 Red Tattoo Barrier Gel

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Size: 1ct

S8 Red Tattoo Barrier Gel is the perfect lubricant for your tattoo needles, allowing for a more fluid motion and creating a protective barrier for your stencils, giving you a clean, crisp transfer

This gel also works to prepare your client’s skin for needle penetration, which allows for optimal tattooing

When operating as a barrier, this gel prevents your valued stencil from becoming smudged or blurry during procedures

The barrier gel also reduces the glare on your client’s skin, allowing for optimized visibility and accuracy while tattooing

S8 Red Tattoo Barrier Gel is vegan-friendly and safe to use on all skin types

The gel comes in individual, pre-measured, TSA-approved packets

Price per single packet

Pickup available at 4139 West Bell Road

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Size: 1ct