COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Bloody Wolf Tattoo Supply is committed to keeping you and your customers as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In order to serve you better we: 

  • Wear face masks 
  • Clean all work spaces several times daily 
  • Use a powerful desktop air filtration system in the retail area 
  • Wash our hands frequently 
  • Use medical-grade disinfectants 
  • Keep our front door locked 
  • Plastic wrap regularly-used surfaces 

Depending on state regulations on any given day, we may ask that you stay outside instead of coming into the store. This is done for your protection.

We'll come out to you and take your order if you haven't already ordered online. If possible, please order online or over the phone. We'll have your order ready when you get to our shop, and we'll bring it out to you.

If our retail space is open for customers, we ask that:
  • One customer come in at a time
  • Each customer wear a mask
  • Customers do not touch supplies
  • If possible, use contactless payment methods
  • Stay in the area we've set aside for customers

The reason we ask customers to use these guidelines is because we've developed a system by which we can keep artists and their customers as safe as possible.

Limiting the amount of contact people have with products and surfaces means you can be confident the supplies we sell are clean and ready to use.

We want to thank our loyal customers for their understanding. At times it may be frustrating to follow these guidelines, but we care deeply about the health and safety of you and your customers.

If you have any questions or comments, please call or message us through social media. We're available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Yelp.

- The Bloody Wolf Tattoo Supply Team