About Us

ONCE UPON A TIME my family and I were in a shop getting tattoos from some awesome artists when we noticed a lot of the artists complaining that it was difficult to find decent supply shops in the Valley of the Sun.

"That place doesn't have good hours and they're not nice to you."

"They never have what I want in stock."

"Everything I bought was expired, but they told me it was new."

Others chimed in to say that yes, buying supplies could be a frustrating thing online and in person. They complained bitterly about it, and seemed genuinely distressed by their predicament.

My family and I followed artists from one shop to another, and everywhere we went, we heard the same complaints. We also heard wish lists from artists about what would make a great supply shop!

And that's where we come in!

Bloody Wolf Tattoo Supply opened its doors in 2012. It hasn't always been easy, but we're proud to have made friends and served our awesome community of tattoo artists and piercers in the Valley.

We're not artists ourselves, but we're good listeners, we're hard workers, and we care about customers. We also learn quickly, and boy was there a lot to learn!

Recently we've started selling online as well at BloodyWolfTattooSupply.com, and we've found even more awesome artists and piercers who enjoy our services throughout the US and worldwide.

We're always open to suggestions from customers, and we LOVE talking about new products and learning new things!

We're also extremely grateful to everyone who leaves reviews and comments for us or tells friends and family about us.

Most of all, we like making customers happy and giving them a place to shop where they feel welcomed, respected, and relaxed.

Thank you all for making Bloody Wolf Tattoo Supply the success it is, and we hope to continue serving you for years to come!

The Bloody Wolf Tattoo Supply Team