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Receiving Tube Sterilized

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Size: Single

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These disposable receiving tubes by Precision Supplies are ideal for safe and sterile piercing procedures.

The tubes are made of medical grade plastic and have been sterilized with EO (Ethylene Oxide gas) to ensure they are safe and healthy to use on the skin. They have also been coated with a soft gel that receives each needle smoothly, protecting the client and ensuring only the designated piercing site is punctured.

These plastic receiving tubes have angled ends, with one end slanted at 45 degrees for receiving the needle and one end measuring 90 degrees.

The tubes have an inner diameter of 6mm and an outer diameter of 8mm. Each tube measures 3” long and is 0g, making them compatible for receiving needles up to 4g. The receiving tubes come individually wrapped and are sold individually.

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Size: Single