Prime+ Round Liner Cartridges

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 5 Round Liner

Sold by the single or the 10ct box.
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Prime+ Cartridges utilize a unique safety membrane technology paired with top quality needles to deliver the best tattoo cartridges at an affordable price.


  • unique membrane technique
  • EO sterilized
  • best quality needles
  • made with Medical Grade Plastic

Available Sizes: 1 Round Liner, 1 Round Liner Bugpin, 3 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner Bugpin, 3 Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner Bugpin, 5 Round Liner Extra Tight, 7 Round Liner, 7 Round Liner Bugpin, 7 Round Liner Extra Tight, 8 Round Liner, 8 Round Liner Bugpin, 9 Round Liner, 9 Round Liner Bugpin, 11 Round Liner, 11 Round Liner Bugpin, 14 Round Liner. 14 Round Liner Bugpin, 18 Round Liner, 18 Round Liner Bugpin

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 5 Round Liner