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* SHOP IS CLOSED 10/04 - 10/11 *

Kwadron Mag Cartridges

SKU 21023
Single or Box

Sold by the single or the 20ct box
Save 30% off single price when you buy a 20ct box

Needle Diameter Sizing:

  • #12 = Standard = 0.35mm
  • #10 = Bugpin = 0.30mm
  • #8 = Super Tight Bugpin = 0.25mm
  • #12 Turbo = Long Taper (Bold Line) Standard = 0.35mm

Kwadron Mag Cartridges were created using professional knowledge and experience, following trends, and listening to professional tattooists resulting in a product that matches the needs of their customers. 

The manufacturing of KWADRON® cartridges is a highly advanced and automated technological process making it possible for each cartridge to have a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability and optimum performance.

The cartridge case is made of medical-grade plastic which allows less friction between the needle and the casing helping the needles remain sharp longer.