Hexis Round Liner Cartridges

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 1 Round Liner Extra Tight

Sold by the single or the 20ct box
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HEXTAT uses the highest quality materials when manufacturing their precision crafted Hexis Round Liner Cartridges

  • Each needle grouping is made to meet the highest expectations and each tip is matched perfectly to the grouping
  • In order to maximize accuracy and consistency, all Hexis Round Liner Cartridges are made with a hardened smoked gray medical grade plastic casing, precision molded and engineered
  • Each needle grouping is crafted using the highest grade stainless steel and lead-free solder
  • The needle return tension is less than other brands which provides a smoother more consistent flow
  • Each Hexis Round Liner Cartridges tip utilizes needle guides to prevent bouncing and vibration
  • Progressive, ribbed-locks allow the Hexis Round Liner Cartridges to be used in all systems
  • Dual-square rear guide system prevents rotation, binding, and rocking of the needle that provides stability, which is missing from other brands
  • The size is imprinted on each tip for easy identification during use
  • All Hexis Round Liner Cartridges are pre-sterilized and individually blister packaged

Available Sizes: 1 Round Liner Extra Tight, 3 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner Bugpin, 3 Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner Bugpin, 5 Round Liner Extra Tight, 7 Round Liner, 7 Round Liner Bugpin, 7 Round Liner Extra Tight, 7 Round Liner Traditional, 8 Round Liner, 8 Round Liner Traditional, 9 Round Liner, 9 Round Liner Bugpin, 9 Round Liner Extra Tight, 9 Round Liner Traditional, 11 Round Liner, 11 Round Liner Bugpin, 11 Round Liner Traditional, 14 Round Liner, 14 Round Liner Bugpin, 14 Round Liner Traditional

Hexis Round Liner Cartridges

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Hexis Round Liner Cartridges

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 1 Round Liner Extra Tight