Hex Curved Mag Needles

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 5 Curved Mag

Sold by the single or the 50ct box.
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Hex needles are professional-grade single-use needles.
Hex needles are made with lead-free solder and sterilized with EO gas. 

Available Sizes: 5 Curved Mag, 7 Curved Mag, 7 Curved Mag Bugpin, 9 Curved Mag, 9 Curved Mag Bugpin, 11 Curved Mag, 11 Curved Mag Bugpin, 13 Curved Mag, 13 Curved Mag Bugpin, 15 Curved Mag, 15 Curved Mag Bugpin, 17 Curved Mag Bugpin

Shortcode: 5cm, 7cm, 7cm Bugpin, 9cm, 9cm Bugpin, 11cm, 11cm Bugpin, 13cm, 13cm Bugpin, 15cm, 15cm Bugpin, 17cm Bugpin

Box Code: 1205cm, 1207cm, 1007cm, 1209cm, 1009cm, 1211cm, 1011cm, 1213cm, 1013cm, 1215cm, 1015cm, 1017cm

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 5 Curved Mag