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The most trusted needles in tattooing that you love are NOW AVAILABLE IN CARTRIDGE form!

TATSoul's premium Envy Needles are over molded into the plunger which allows for maximum stability and control.  Each configuration is carefully designed to enhance ink flow and precision with each needle grouping. 

  • Envy Needle Quality Process: Every Envy Needle must pass through multiple layers of meticulous inspections on dozens of metrics, as well as thorough artist testing to earn the name Envy
  • Enhanced Inkflow: Additional indentation on tip allows for enhanced saturation
  • Membrane Mechanism: Prevents ink spitback
  • Plunger: One piece needle overmold provides stability and control
  • 10 pcs/box EO Sterilized

Available Sizes:

  • Round Liner: 1rl, 3rl, 5rl, 7rl, 8rl, 9rl, 11rl, 14rl
  • Bugpin Round Liner: 3rl, 5rl, 7rl, 8rl, 9rl, 11rl, 14rl
  • Extra Tight Round Liner: 3rl, 5rl, 7rl
  • Hollow Apex Round Liner: 6rl, 8rl, 10rl, 12rl
  • Traditional Round Liner: 5rl, 7rl, 8rl, 9rl, 11rl, 14rl
  • Round Shader: 3rs, 5rs, 8rs, 11rs, 14rs, 18rs
  • Mag: 5m1, 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 17m1, 19m1, 21m1, 23m1, 25m1
  • Mag Bugpin: 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 17m1
  • Mag Traditional: 5m1, 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 23m1
  • Curved Mag: 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, 13cm, 15cm, 17cm, 19cm, 21cm, 23cm, 25cm
  • Curved Mag Bugpin: 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, 13cm, 15cm, 17cm
  • Curved Mag Traditional: 15cm, 23cm

Code: 1 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner Bugpin, 3 Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner Bugpin, Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner Traditional, 6 Apex Hollow Liner, 7 Round Liner, 7 Round Liner Bugpin, 7 Round Liner Extra Tight, 7 Round Liner Traditional, 8 Round Liner, 8 Round Liner Bugpin, 8 Apex Hollow Liner, 8 Round Liner Traditional, 9 Round Liner, 9 Round Liner Bugpin, 9 Round Liner Traditional, 10 Apex Hollow Liner, 11 Round Liner, 11 Round Liner Bugpin, 11 Round Liner Traditional, 12 Apex Hollow Liner, 14 Round Liner, 14 Round Liner Bugpin, 14 Round Liner Traditional

3 Round Shader, 5 Round Shader, 8 Round Shader, 11 Round Shader, 14 Round Shader, 18 Round Shader

5 Mag, 5 Mag Traditional, 7 Mag, 7 Mag Bugpin, 7 Mag Traditional, 9 Mag, 9 Mag Bugpin, 9 Mag Traditional, 11 Mag, 11 Mag Bugpin, 11 Mag Traditional, 13 Mag, 13 Mag Bugpin, 13 Mag Traditional, 15 Mag, 15 Mag Bugpin, 15 Mag Traditional, 17 Mag, 17 Mag Bugpin, 19 Mag, 21 Mag, 23 Mag, 23 Mag Traditional, 25 Mag

5 Curved Mag, 7 Curved Mag, 7 Curved Mag Bugpin, 9 Curved Mag, 9 Curved Mag Bugpin, 11 Curved Mag, 11 Curved Mag Bugpin, 13 Curved Mag, 13 Curved Mag Bugpin, 15 Curved Mag, 15 Curved Mag Bugpin, 15 Curved Mag Traditional, 17 Curved Mag, 17 Curved Mag Bugpin, 19 Curved Mag, 21 Curved Mag, 23 Curved Mag, 23 Curved Mag Traditional, 25 Curved Mag

Box Code: 1201rl, 1203rl, 0903rl, 1203rl-xt, 1205rl, 0905rl, 1205rl-xt, 1205rl-trad, 1206al, 1207rl, 0907rl, 1207rl-xt, 1207rl-trad, 1208rl, 0908rl, 1208al, 1208rl-trad, 1209rl, 0909rl, 1209rl-trad, 1210al, 1211rl, 0911rl, 1211rl-trad, 1212al, 1214rl, 0914rl, 1214rl-trad, 1203s, 1205rs, 1208rs, 1211rs, 1214rs, 1218rs, 1205m1, 1205m1-trad, 1207m1, 0907m1, 1207m1-trad, 1209m1, 0909m1, 1209m1-trad, 1211m1, 0911m1, 1211m1-trad, 1213m1, 0913m1, 1213m1-trad, 1215m1, 0915m1, 1215m1-trad, 1217m1, 0917m1, 1219m1, 1221m1, 1223m1, 1223m1-trad, 1225m1, 1205cm, 1207cm, 0907cm, 1209cm, 0909cm, 1211cm, 0911cm, 1213cm, 0913cm, 1215cm, 0915cm, 1215cm-trad, 1217cm, 0917cm, 1219cm, 1221cm, 1223cm, 1223cm-trad, 1225cm