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Envy Round Liner Needles

SKU 33008
Single or Box

Sold by the single or the 50ct box.
Save 30% off single price when you buy a 50ct box.

Envy Needles were designed and created with the feedback, research, and testing assistance of artists. 

Every Envy Needle must pass through multiple layers of inspection to include ideal tip sharpness, grouping diameter, and alignment. The solder used for Envy Needles is lead-free and specially inspected to ensure an even and consistent distribution.

Available Sizes: 1 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner Bugpin, 3 Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner Bugpin, 5 Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner Traditional, 7 Round Liner, 7 Round Liner Bugpin, 7 Round Liner Traditional, 8 Round Liner, 8 Round Liner Bugpin, 8 Round Liner Traditional, 9 Round Liner, 9 Round Liner Bugpin, 9 Round Liner Traditional, 11 Round Liner, 11 Round Liner Traditional, 14 Round Liner, 14 Round Liner Bugpin, 14 Round Liner Traditional

Code: 1rl, 3rl, 3rl bugpin, 3rl extra tight, 5rl, 5rl bugpin, 5rl extra tight, 5rl traditional, 7rl, 7rl bugpin, 7rl extra tight, 7rl traditional, 8rl, 8rl bugpin, 8rl traditional, 9rl, 9rl bugpin, 9rl traditional, 11rl, 11rl traditional, 14rl, 14rl bugpin, 13rl traditional

Box Code: 1201rl, 1203rl, 1003rl, 1203rl-xt, 1205rl, 0905rl, 1205rl-xt, 1205rl-trad, 1207rl, 0907rl, 1207rl-xt, 1207rl-trad, 1208rl, 1208rl-trad, 1209rl, 0909rl, 1209rl-trad, 1211rl, 0911rl, 1211rl-trad, 1214rl, 0914rl, 1214rl-trad