Envy Mag Cartridges

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Single or Box: Single
Size: 15 Mag Traditional

Sold by the single or the 10ct box.

TATSoul's Envy Needles are overmolded into the plunger allowing for maximum stability and control.  Each configuration is carefully designed to enhance inkflow and precision with each and every needle grouping. 

  • Envy Needle Quality Process: Needles inspected on dozens of metrics
  • Enhanced Inkflow: Additional indentation on tip allows for enhanced saturation
  • Membrane Mechanism: Prevents ink spitback
  • Plunger: One piece needle overmold provides stability and control
  • EO Sterilized

    Available Sizes:

    • Mag: 5m1, 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 17m1, 19m1, 21m1, 23m1, 25m1
    • Mag Bugpin: 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 17m1
    • Mag Traditional: 5m1, 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 23m1

    Code: 5 Mag, 5 Mag Traditional, 7 Mag, 7 Mag Bugpin, 7 Mag Traditional, 9 Mag, 9 Mag Bugpin, 9 Mag Traditional, 11 Mag, 11 Mag Bugpin, 11 Mag Traditional, 13 Mag, 13 Mag Bugpin, 13 Mag Traditional, 15 Mag, 15 Mag Bugpin, 15 Mag Traditional, 17 Mag, 17 Mag Bugpin, 19 Mag, 21 Mag, 23 Mag, 23 Mag Traditional, 25 Mag

    Box Code: 1205m1, 1205m1-trad, 1207m1, 0907m1, 1207m1-trad, 1209m1, 0909m1, 1209m1-trad, 1211m1, 0911m1, 1211m1-trad, 1213m1, 0913m1, 1213m1-trad, 1215m1, 0915m1, 1215m1-trad, 1217m1, 0917m1, 1219m1, 1221m1, 1223m1, 1223m1-trad, 1225m1

    Pickup available at 4139 West Bell Road

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    Single or Box: Single
    Size: 15 Mag Traditional