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* SHOP IS CLOSED 10/04 - 10/11 *

Empire Inks Whitewash Series

SKU 44204

Empire Inks Whitewash Series is available in single 4oz bottles of Xtra Light, Light, Medium, or Dark or;

Buy a full 4ct set and save

Many artists add a few drops of the Empire Inks Whitewash Series into their Graywash, this helps you get a more deliberate value without needing to build it up through layers so you can expect consistent ink that heals similar to a semi-opaque gray but goes into the skin like a graywash

Empire Inks Whitewash Series are oil-based and go in smooth

Empire Inks are manufactured in the USA in a 100% sterile environment using an EU certified pigment dispenser to weigh, disperse, blend, and color-match all tattoo ink for consistency and accuracy

Empire Inks are also 100% Vegan