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Dreamweaver iOS Thermal Copier

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The Hildbrandt Dreamweaver iOS Thermal Copier from TOEC (Thermal Operation Electric Copier) is a thermal tattoo stencil printer that is capable of printing the most detailed of tattoo stencils in a stunningly high DPI. 

Finally we have a thermal stencil printer that is capable of doing fine line detail, intricate outlines and of course the ever popular mini tattoos of the day that rely so heavily on a good stencil that can incorporate the detail imagined by you.

Best of all, it uses standard 8.5″ x 11″ or 14″ stencil paper and is compatible with all brands of stencil paper.

iOS Compatible: The Dreamweaver can be connected to your iPhone or iPad and print via the APP, found in the Apple App Store.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID OR PC: This printer is not compatible with Android or PC.  The App NOT COMPATIBLE with Android or PC.

Fine detail unlike any other… The Hildbrandt Dreamweaver is capable of printing some of the tiniest, most intricate details onto traditional stencil paper.  An indispensable device for printing mini tattoos that are making their tiny marks on just about every body part in recent years.  The printer head is designed for intricate outlines, leaving the shading and filling up to the artist.  The specially designed D1.0 print head and carefully calibrated 203DPI density hits the transfer paper with the exact amount of thermal force to print fine art, no more, no less.

The Robust App for the Dreamweaver is capable of uploading picture files, putting extra text/designs, creating printed documents and even taking a picture and printing the design from the picture.  We recommend using a photo editing iOS App to resize pictures as the App for the Dreamweaver cannot resize pictures.

Portable & Wireless, the Dreamweaver is compact, light and capable of running on battery.  Also comes with its own travel bag and international adapter!

Pickup available at 4139 West Bell Road

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