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Big Sleeps Full Set 5ct

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Big Sleeps' Full Set includes the Ghostline 1-2-3 graywash set plus Casper White and Pelican Bay Black for a full set of 5 bottles.

Ghostline is a very smooth grey wash formula created by Big Sleeps himself. The 1 is a very light tone, number 2 is a mid range, and 3 is the darkest shade.

This system is based on the way Sleeps tattoos and is made for very clean and rich shades which heal just about as clean as they look when the the tattoo is freshly done.

These can also be further broken down by the blue magic formula which will give you an even bigger variety of grey tones. Pre-dispersed, “shake and use” convenience.

Acrylic, solvent, and PET plastic free. Made in USA.

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Size: 2oz