Aikenr Permanent Metal Match Lighter

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The Aikenr Permanent Metal Match Lighter is a convenient tool that's simple to operate, durable, refillable, and can be used thousands of times

Compact and lightweight design, waterproof, and can last for 10,000 strikes

Rotat1e counterclockwise to open the lid and add kerosene, screw the scraper back, and wait 3 minutes, letting the cotton and wick fully absorb the lighter fluid

Holding the scraper at a 45-degree angle with the flint, push hard and slide to ignite.

Important: Please scrape off the black wax on the surface of flint strips for first time use

Package Includes: Permanent Match, 1 Extra Wick, 1 Rubber O-ring Replacement (Prevent fluid leakage)

Fuel sold separately

Keep away from children

Pickup currently unavailable at 4139 West Bell Road