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Original Artwork Stickers Are Here!

Original Artwork Stickers Are Here!

Who doesn't love stickers?

Sullen Art Collective, established in California in 2001, is already known for featuring artwork by great tattoo artists. Their shirts, boxers, socks, and lanyards are eye-catching and beautiful.

Like a lot of artists and tattoo enthusiasts, I like stickers.

And you can probably imagine how excited I was to find out that this Summer/Fall season, Sullen has released 6 new sticker designs made from, you guessed it, original art from some of the best tattoo artists in the industry!

From Jojo Ackermann in California to traveling artist Myke Chambers to Chris Rigoni in Philadelphia, there are some truly amazing pieces in the new sticker collection.

Each sticker is die-cut, digitally printed with the artist's original work, and made in the US.

Vibrant colors and unique designs are ready and waiting to be slapped onto your laptop, tablet, workstation, tool chest, or even the window of your vehicle.

As always, Sullen still has plenty to choose from when it comes to displaying their logo.

Sullen's Badge of Honor, Badge, Sullen Angels, and Blaq Letter Logo stickers come in black, white, and sometimes pink.

Each sticker is digitally printed, made to last, and manufactured right here in the US by Sullen Art Collective.


Browse through Bloody Wolf Tattoo Supply's selection of Sullen stickers and see what's available!


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Missy G - September 25, 2020

WOW! Those stickers do look really cool. Even better that they are done by tattoo artists.

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