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Simplify the arduous tattoo aftercare process with Saniderm Transparent Adhesive Bandages. This progressive, health conscious solution eliminates any need for lotions and ointments by locking in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes to keep the skin moist.

The bandage has a breathable, gas permeable design that allows the skin to get the oxygen it needs to heal while still protecting it from water, dirt, germs, and friction. This reduces scabbing and allows the skin to heal efficiently and naturally without any interference.

The Saniderm bandage is incredibly light and flexible. It will stay adhered to your body while providing full range of motion, whether you need to shower, want to work out, or have a tendency to toss and turn in bed.

By providing this level of protection with such ease, Saniderm dramatically reduces overall healing time, scabbing, fading, itching, and pain. Clients have found that their healed tattoo colors remain more vibrant with Saniderm compared to other aftercare products.


  • Breathable, gas permeable design to facilitate proper healing and reduce risk of infection
  • Locks natural body fluids and enzymes in to keep your skin moist and prevent scabbing
  • Impenetrable barrier to keep out water, dirt, and germs; protects against friction
  • Light and flexible – full range of motion
  • Latex-free; hypoallergenic
  • Sterile wrapped

Sizes Available:

  • Personal 3-Pack 8" x 6"
  • Personal 3-Pack 8" x 10"
  • Roll 10.2" x 2 Yards
  • Roll 4" x 8 Yards
  • Roll 6" x 8 Yards
  • Roll 8" x 8 Yards
  • Roll 10.2" x 8 Yards


  1. after the tattoo is finished, clean and dry the skin
  2. cut Saniderm to fit the tattooed portion of the skin, overlapping each edge by at least 1"
  3. peel apart the outer packaging
  4. place on skin
  5. peel off the last layer of packaging
  6. leave first bandage on for 24 hours
  7. remove bandage, clean the tattoo with soap and water, then allow to air dry
  8. apply second bandage
  9. leave second bandage on for 3-7 days (depending on healing time)
  10. remove bandage and clean with soap and water
  11. if the tattoo isn't fully healed, apply a second bandage and leave it on for 2-3 days