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All Envy Needle configurations are designed alongside artists and created through thorough feedback, research and artist testing. Our patent pending design is used on all large configuration needles. We use an acute angle cut on the back of the magnum needles, allowing ink to flow more fluidly.

We examine each individual needle for ideal tip sharpness, grouping diameter and alignment. Every Envy Needle must pass through multiple layers of meticulous inspections on dozens of metrics to earn the name Envy. Our solder is lead-free and specially inspected to ensure an even and consistent distribution.

Available Sizes

  • Round Liner: 1rl, 3rl, 5rl, 7rl, 8rl, 9rl, 11rl, 14rl
  • Round Liner Bugpin: 3rl, 5rl, 7rl, 9rl
  • Round Liner Extra Tight: 3rl, 5rl, 7rl
  • Round Liner Traditional: 5rl, 7rl, 8rl, 9rl, 11rl, 14rl
  • Round Shader: 3rs, 5rs, 8rs, 11rs, 14rs
  • Mag: 5m1, 7m1, 9m1, 11m1, 13m1, 15m1, 23m1, 25m1
  • Curved Mag: 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, 13cm, 15cm, 25cm
  • Curved Mag Bugpin: 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, 13cm, 15cm, 17cm

Code: 1 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner Bugpin, 3 Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner Bugpin, Round Liner Extra Tight, 5 Round Liner Traditional, 7 Round Liner, 7 Round Liner Bugpin, 7 Round Liner Extra Tight, 7 Round Liner Traditional, 8 Round Liner, 8 Round Liner Traditional, 9 Round Liner, 9 Round Liner Bugpin, 9 Round Liner Traditional, 11 Round Liner, 11 Round Liner Bugpin, 11 Round Liner Traditional, 14 Round Liner, 14 Round Liner Bugpin, 14 Round Liner Traditional, 3 Round Shader, 5 Round Shader, 8 Round Shader, 11 Round Shader, 14 Round Shader, 5 Mag, 7 Mag, 9 Mag, 11 Mag, 13 Mag, 15 Mag, 23 Mag, 25 Mag, 5 Curved Mag, 7 Curved Mag, 7 Curved Mag Bugpin, 9 Curved Mag, 9 Curved Mag Bugpin, 11 Curved Mag, 11 Curved Mag Bugpin, 13 Curved Mag, 13 Curved Mag Bugpin, 15 Curved Mag, 15 Curved Mag Bugpin, 17 Curved Mag Bugpin, 25 Curved Mag

Box Code: 1201rl, 1203rl, 1203rl-xt, 1205rl, 0905rl, 1205rl-xt, 1205rl-trad, 1207rl, 0907rl, 1207rl-xt, 1207rl-trad, 1208rl, 1208rl-trad, 1209rl, 0909rl, 1209rl-trad, 1211rl, 0911rl, 1211rl-trad, 1214rl, 0914rl, 1214rl-trad, 1203s, 1205rs, 1208rs, 1211rs, 1214rs, 1205m1, 1207m1, 1209m1, 1211m1, 1213m1, 1215m1, 1225m1, 1205cm, 1207cm, 0907cm, 1209cm, 0909cm, 1211cm, 0911cm, 1213cm, 0913cm, 1215cm, 0915cm, 0917cm, 1225cm