Black Pearl Outlining Ink 12oz

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Mom's Millennium Black Pearl Outlining Ink: The Most Advanced Black Lining Ink - It Defines Black! Developed by Technical Tattoo Supply and 10 Years in The Making!

For the black and gray look you've been searching for, Black Pearl makes the best outlining and shading ink. Give your tattoos the ink they deserve.

Black Pearl holds up to the other outlining inks in price, performance, durability, shelf life, and much more. Tattooing on dark skin? No sweat. Somehow Black Pearl stands out even on the darkest skin tones. In addition to Outlining Ink, Black Pearl offers gray wash and soft gray wash shading inks. After ten years of research, this ink has defined black and will be a top contender among the best black inks on the market. You'll just have to try this perfect black ink to find out just how amazing it holds up.

Used by the best tattoo artists worldwide.