Apprentice Tattoo Kit - 4 Coil Machines

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Apprentice kit for beginners. This set is to get apprentices started before they move on to bigger and better things.

Includes two ink sets -- one for use ONLY ON PRACTICE SKIN and another pack with human-safe ink for when the apprentice is ready to transition from practice skin to working on people under the direction of their mentor. Please DO NOT use the practice skin ink on people. Please do not use this kit on people without instruction from an experienced mentor.

  • Four coil machines
  • 28 popular tattoo ink colors for use ONLY ON PRACTICE SKIN
  • LCD digital tattoo power supply
  • Foot pedal
  • Clip cord
  • 50 tattoo needles in a variety of sizes
  • 60 tattoo tips
  • 10 tattoo grips
  • 100 ink cups
  • 1 Aluminium alloy case
  • 1 Tattoo Machine Kit Paper Manual
  • HUMAN-SAFE ink pack including 1oz black, 1oz white, and 6 Ink Shots in brown, orange, blue, magenta, yellow, and green