• Prime+ Cartridges

$1.75/each or $15/10ct Box (save $2.50 when you buy the 10ct box)

Everything you loved about Prime Tech Cartridges now with top quality needles. With a unique safety membrane technology, Prime+ Cartridges are the best tattoo cartridges at an affordable price.


  • 10pcs/box
  • unique membrane technique
  • EO sterilized
  • best quality needles
  • made with edical Grade Plastic

Available Sizes:

1rl, 1rl Bugpin, 3rl, 3rl Bugpin, 3rl Extra Tight, 5rl, 5rl Bugpin, 5rl Extra Tight, 7rl, 7rl Bugpin, 7rl Extra Tight, 8rl, 8rl Bugpin, 9rl, 9rl Bugpin, 11rl, 11rl Bugpin, 14rl. 14rl Bugpin, 18rl, 18rl Bugpin

5rs, 5rs Bugpin, 7rs, 7rs Bugpin, 8rs, 8rs Bugpin, 9rs, 9rs Bugpin, 11rs, 11rs Bugpin, 14rs, 14rs Bugpin, 18rs, 18rs Bugpin

5m1, 5m1 Bugpin, 7m1, 7m1 Bugpin, 9m1, 9m1 Bugpin, 11m1, 11m1 Bugpin, 13m1, 13m1 Bugpin, 15m1, 15m1 Bugpin, 17m1, 17m1 Bugpin, 19m1, 19m1 Bugpin, 21m1, 21m1 Bugpin, 23m1, 23m1 Bugpin, 25m1, 25m1 Bugpin, 27m1, 27m1 Bugpin

5cm, 5cm Bugpin, 7cm, 7cm Bugpin, 9cm, 9cm Bugpin, 11cm, 11cm Bugpin, 13cm, 13cm Bugpin, 15cm, 15cm Bugpin, 17cm, 17cm Bugpin, 19cm, 19cm Bugpin, 21cm, 21cm Bugpin, 23cm, 23cm Bugpin, 25cm, 25cm Bugpin, 27cm, 27cm Bugpin

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Prime+ Cartridges

  • Brands Friction
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  • $1.75

  • 10 or more $1.50

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